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Landscaping with rocksWhether you want to replace your grass yard with Landscaping Rock or freshen up the existing rock, Van’s Hauling & Tractor Work in the Phoenix and Casa Grande areas is the one to call.

Van’s Hauling & Tractor Work supplies (17 tons or more) and spreads a wide range of quality Landscaping Rock and gravel in the Phoenix and Casa Grande areas at competitive prices. 
Need it Saturday? Just call us! 

Our goal is to:
  • Provide on-time delivery of landscape materials in a safe and efficient manner
  • Distribute the material to the customer’s specifications and satisfaction
What are the benefits of landscaping your yard with Landscaping Rock or Gravel:
Low maintenance landscaping rock
  • Low maintenance after installation

  • Lower monthly utility bills - No water use, perfect for arid climate, or water restricted areas
  • Multiple use areas - Areas covered with gravel may be driven or parked on

  • Installation is worry free and completed with minimal disturbance to property acces

For more information about how we can help you bring your project to a reality, contact Van’s Hauling for your landscaping rock and gravel projects in the Phoenix area.

General rock size samples
1" Screened
1/2" Screened
3/8" Screened
1/4" Minus

Landscaping Rock and Gravel Sizes and Colors:
Decorative Rock Decorative Rock is a natural material and is subject to color, texture and tone variations.
  • Additionally, due to the color settings within computer monitors & televisions, colors may appear differently than in person. We always recommend seeing samples in person.
Boulder Boulders range in size from about 1’ x 1’ up to and over 5’ x 5’.
  • Every cubic foot of the boulder weighs about 100 pounds.

  • So a 2’x2’x2’ (Length times width times depth in feet = cubic feet) boulder would weigh about 800 pounds.
Rip Rap Rip Rap is a term used to describe material used for decorative arroyos and drainage channels, erosion control, retaining walls and more.
  • Most material colors are available in Rip Rap sizes ranging from 2” to 4” all the way up to 8” to 16”.
Rip Rap Coverage:
  • 2" -   6" = 60 square foot per ton

  • 6" - 24" = 40 square foot per ton
Road Base
(1 1/2" or 3/4" Minus)
This material packs hard and is good for drives, parking areas, or as a base under concrete or asphalt.
  • The rock provides a stable mud free surface and the fines and clay provide a packed base.

  • Road base resists washout the best of any driveway materials and works well for driveways on slopes.
Walkway Gravel
(3/8" or 1/4" minus {AKA Breeze})
Common uses are walkways, driveways, and as a grout between flagstone and rip rap.
  • Breeze, or crusher fines, are terms used to describe this product (the small rock, fines, and dust produced as a by-product of crushing the rock).
Breeze packs hard and resists washing. In the stockpile, breeze appears to be "mostly dust or fines" but after being spread, packed and wet down the rock particles work to the surface.

Landscaping Rock Coverage Chart
Amound of Rock
One Ton
240 square feet 1" deep
120 square feet 2" deep
80 square feet 3" deep
60 square feet 4" deep
50 square feet 5" deep
40 square feet 6" deep
20 square feet 12" deep
One Cubic Yard
300 square feet 1" deep
150 square feet 2" deep
100 square feet 3" deep
75 square feet 4" deep
50 square feet 6" deep
25 square feet 12" deep

Calculating Quantity Needed: Multiply length x width of the area to be covered and divide by 100.

Landscaping Rock Terms
Fine All groundcover contains some particles of stone smaller than the size indicated. These particles are referred to as "fines.”
Minu Contains as much as 80% of fines. Meaning that 80% of the product will be smaller than the size indicated.
Screened Some of the fines have been screened or sifted out. Typically screened rock will have 20-40% fines.
Sized Most of the smaller particles have been removed, however the gravel can still contain up to 15% fines.
Washed Rocks have been through a washing process to remove the fines and typically are very uniform in size.
Ton The unit of measurement used for most stone products. A ton of groundcover is about 8 big wheelbarrows full.
Coverage A ton will cover approximately 100 square foot at a 2 - 2 1/2" depth.


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