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Tree removal Phoenix

Do you have a dead or dying tree?

Do you need Tree Removal for a tree damaged by a storm? 

Do you have Oleanders that need to be removed? 

Do you need your lot cleared, including Tree Removal?

When illness, damage ,death, or construction occurs, the only realistic solution might be Tree Removal by Van's Hauling & Tractor Work. 

Oleander Removal

Dead, dying or overgrown oleander plants in Phoenix can be unattractive to your property and can also attract termites and other insects.

Out of control oleanders can be a fire hazard, especially if they are dead or dying.  Phoenix City Weed Control departments have also been known to issue citations to homeowners.

One reason for your oleander problem in the valley may be due to scorch disease.

In the Phoenix area oleanders are becoming ill with a bacterial disease called leaf scorch. This bacteria is spread by insects from one oleander to the next. They are very small and can be hard to detect. They clog the water flow through the plant and it begins to decay.

When that time comes, it is important that property owners understand how complex and dangerous Tree Removal can be. When you hire a contractor to remove your trees, you want one that is experienced and insured. When you hire a contractor that is not insured, then you assume the financial responsibility if property gets damaged or someone gets injured on your property.

Lot Clearing

We will clear your land in preparation for large-scale development, removing trees, shrubs, stumps and more.

Van’s Hauling & Tractor Work is fully insured and has years of Tree Removal experience in the Phoenix area. Our ultimate goal when planning a Tree Removal is that no one gets hurt, nothing gets damaged and our customer is completely satisfied.  
  • We’re fully insured for your protection and peace of mind.

  • We’re a full service company, and our experts will carefully take up any debris and dispose of it on your behalf

  • We’ll be sure to fill in any remaining holes and offer our stump grinding services

Contact Van’s Hauling for more information about your Tree Removal project today!